Sunday, 31 August 2014

31 August 2014: A couple of hours on the local patch, Coombe Hill Meadows, Gloucestershire.

I spent a couple of spare hours downon my local patch this afternoon. Wrong time of day really but it was the sunniest day we have had for a while. The only bird of note was this juvenile Buzzard which flew over briefly.

 There were lots of insects about though, such as this Common Darter
 and a Red Admiral.
 Another Common Darter
 and a pair mating and laying eggs.

 What looks like a Migrant Hawker.


  1. Are those dragonfly shots with the 400? If they are, how are you shooting so sharp?

  2. Darran, sorry I should have put it in the text - these wre all taken with teh 200mm f2.8 lens. That said I have had similar results with the 400mm lens too. A lot of practice and a lot of patience. I find that most of the dragons patrol the same route, so I study that closely. I then pick a spot where I will get a good shot but with as plain a background as possible so that autofocus can concentrate on the dragon not the background. Also some dragons hover more than others. The number of different focusing options on the 7D also helps a lot, but don't for one minute think every shot's a keeper(-:).