Monday, 4 August 2014

2 August 2014: Hawling, Gloucestershire.

Took an evening trip up to Hawling to see if the heavy rain overnight and during the morning had left the Barn Owls hungry and ready to come out early - lately they hadn't been coming out until after 9:00pm so a bit too dark for decent photographs. 
First bird of the evening was this Red Kite, which had just taken off from one of the fields and appears to be eating a worm in the first picture, and then cruised off.

 Plenty of Swallows about, both adults and young, fattening themselves up for the journey south no doubt.

 A meadow pipit basking in the evening sunlight.
 One of the many local Rooks.
 A nice flyby by one of the Kestrels.
 and a fabulous Common Buzzard, which flew by really close and directly into the setting sunlight, giving a great photo opportuniy.

 Sadly, there were no Barn Owls on show while I was there. Talking to one of the locals, it seems that the chicks may now have left home and the adults only have themselves to look after so don't need as much food, so can come out much later. On the way back to the car, another Kestrel  in glorious setting sunlight, just before it started tio dip below the horizon.

 Something put the Jackdaws and Rooks up, but I couldn't see what, though it may just have been thefarmer feeding some stock.


  1. Beautiful light there , Bob.
    Sorry I can't give you the credit for providing the light but you did capture it brilliantly.

    1. Thanks its an excellent place for sunset light - you can always have sun behind or on the side there and the sun can get very low without being obstructed by trees or hills etc.