Monday, 4 August 2014

4 August 2014: Afternoon at Coombe Hill Meadows, my local patch.

Having spooked Kingfisher twice yesterday, I decided today that I would just pitch up at the Kingfisher spot, set up the camera on tripod, sit on a stool and wait for a couple of hours to see what would happen. Within 15 minutes a Kingfisher arrived, and stopped a little way off in the shadows.

 Soon disappeared into the Willow tree and shortly afterwards flew off up the ditch.
As planned, I stayed put waiting for a return visit. Plenty of juvenile Swallows about.
A Greenfinch flew in
 and some Lesser Whitethroat appeared in the open, well realative open(-:).
 The Common Whitethroat remained more well hidden
 An adult Goldfinch, juvenile Goldfinch and a juvenile Greenfinch
 followed by a male Linnet
 and a Redstart  disappeared into the hedge, never to be seen again.
 As expected, the Kingfisher returned
 though still kept to the gloomy part of the pool.
 Then it popped out into a patch of sunlight and had a bit of a preen.

 Top right of thios picture you may just be able to make out a pair of Kingfisher feet
 and in this picture there is also a Kingfisher below.
 That's correct, I have 3 Kingfisher in view and though they are distant, they just don't quite fit into one frame and I dare not move back in case I spook them(-:).
 As they fly back into the protection of the Willow tree, I manage to get all 3 in one a shot.
Shortly afterwards, they are off again up the ditch ad I pack up myself and leave too.


  1. I call it a good day if I see one Kingfisher let alone three. That's plain greedy :-)

    1. If I said it was a long time since I had seen one, would that make it any better(-:).

  2. I've seen our local Kingfisher twice since my original comment