Tuesday, 2 September 2014

1 September 2014: late afternoon at Slimbridge.

Found myself atSlimbridge for the last couple of hours of teh afternoon. Not surprisingly it was rather quiet, a combination of time ofday and time of year.  An obliging Black Tailed Godwit came fairly close to the hide, which was good as I only had the 200mm lens on.

 Further round thereservethere was alot of noise coming from this bush and I discovered a juveile Wren still demanding food and really quite unfazed by my presence on the path. Fortunately I still had the 200mm lens on.

 Mum or dad was hanging round but was much more wary.
 A Migrant Hawker taking a rest
 and a female Teal was having a preen, showing off her jewelry.
 Green Sandpiper, half preen, half sleep(-:0
 A distant Little Egret skulking through the edge of the reedbed.
More Teal bathing 

 Three distant Ruff who came halfway towards the hide then turned around. Interesting to see the size difference between male and female.

 A tufted Duck.
 On leaving the reserve there were still quite a few fliers over the car park and surrounding meadows - Swallow

 and Sand Martin.


  1. Your swallow images are always outstanding Bob. Nice shot on the Ruffs as well. Never seen them before.

  2. Great photos, as usual :) I especially like the Wren. There were heaps of Swallows moving east along the coast today, they're on their way out.