Tuesday, 19 August 2014

19 August: Coombe Hill Meadows.

I planned to spend the afternoon at Slimbridge. Got stuck on the M5 in the traffic jam caused by the earlier coach crash - fortunately it seems as if there were very few injuries and most of those appear to be minor. I decided to turn round and head for home as, apart from the traffic, it was starting to get very grey with rain looming. As I got nearer home and passed Coombe Hill meadows it had brightened up somewhat so I thought I might look for Kingfisher - especially as it wouldn't take me too far from the car park if the rain arrived.
As usual, as I arrived one seemed to fly off - no matter how quietly I approach, they always seem to know(-:).
It was at least a sign that they may be about so I settled down and waited. Next noise was not the Kingfisher noise that I hoped for but a yaffle and a Green Woodpecker dropped in for a drink and a forage.

 But then the Kingfishers returned - three in total I believe and I think they were all juveniles. Much of the time they would fly in, perch and then fly off but staying within sight or sound of my position.

 Occasionally one would perch within about 10 feet of my seat and then as soo as it settled another would arrive to claim the perch.

 This one tried to do a Bittern impression(-:).
 I also got one close up of a Lesser Whitethroat
 Then just after this one flew down towards the bottom of the pool, the heavens opened and I left for home after a very entertaining half hour.

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  1. Whatever you had been expecting to see at Slimbridge couldn't have been any better than this.
    Not one , not two , but three Kingfishers (and a Green Woody) so close. Birding doesn't often get better than this.
    Great pics and a well written account.