Friday, 8 August 2014

6 August 2014: Frampton on Severn

I visited Frampton on Severn with a colleague on evening of 6 August to try and locate the Cattle Egret that had been seen there over the last week or so. We started by heading down to the fields by the canal where we hoped we would find itfeeding among the cattle(-:). Sadly we didn't. We did, however, see some other stuff including plenty of House Martins feeding over the canal.
 A female Ruddy Darter I believe, though stand to be corrected.
 A female Banded Demoiselle.
 A headless House Martin
 A flock of Goldfinch
 A female Sparrowhawk who was pursuing the Goldfinch

 Even more House Martins
 When we couldn't find the Egret feeding we headed off to find the lovcation where it had been roosting. As we had never been to that area before we had some difficulty (ie went teh long wy round) but eventually found it sitting out in the open but quite distant. When we first arrived the setting sun cast some wonderful light on it and the trees in the background.

 A flock of Curlew off to roost.
 Thjere are also Common Tern on this lake and they were fairly active feeding.

 A party of Canada geese arrived
 The Egret preend and watched the Coots below

 More Canadas arrived  and squabbled.

 Then as the light started to slip away rapidly, we almost se off for home but the Egret stirred. It almost looked as if it was going to drop down and feed

 Cattle Egret and Common Tern

However, it didn't drop but flew off to roost in the top of a more distant willow.

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