Thursday, 4 December 2014

3 December 2014: More Short Eared Owls at Hawling, Gloucestershire.

After a morning cycle ride with the boss, the sun stayed out and I had a spare hour or so. Given I am committed to other things for the next week or so I took a last dash to Hawling. I hoped to get better prey or combat pictures but no such luck. First couple of shots were taken into the sun.

Off it heads with a vole -wrong direction(-:).

In the distance I had seen one flight of a Barn Owl. Heading off down the footpath I found a small copse and at the other side of the copse - there it was, sat on a post loking at me looking at it(-:).


  1. Love those owl photos , Bob. Fantastic shots

  2. Thanks Dave, they have been a real treat to watch. Unfortunately some dozy pillocks started to go into the fields yesterday to get closer shots - hopefully the birds will return!

  3. I hate having to say this but my pal is often guilty of pushing things just that little bit too far and ends up scaring the birds off. If only he'd be patient there's always a chance the bird will come closer of its' own accord.
    I haven't seen any Shorties at all this year. Hopefully this winter will bring them down to the Dee Estuary again where we had some great views of them in 2012 / 2013

  4. So jealous of ypur shots bob. Only seen little owl so far this year.