Sunday, 21 December 2014

15 December 2014: Hen Harrier and Short Eared Owls

I spent the early part of the day with a friend at Great Barrington, searching for the Ring Tailed Hen Harrier that has appeared again this year - presumably thatwould make the bird female if it is the same one as last year.
On route to Barrington, I passed this Buzzard, nicely perched in a tree as I turned down towards Sherborne.
 As usuaul, at Sherborne Meadows I spotted the Kingfisher- a long way off and this is a heavy crop. However, it is so distant it is unperturbed by people watching and its activities can be watched for quite some time as it moves around the pool.
On arrival at Great Barrington, the first bird is one of the regular Kestrel there.
 Lots of Yellowhammer loitering in the hedgerow

 At lomg last we got one quite high fly ny!

 As time moved on and the Harrier di not reappear, we moved on to Hawling to catch the Short Eraed Owls - a total of 4 showed today.

 The regular Kestrel is no longer appreciated by the newer residents

 As a few of the Owls went down for a while, the Kestrel returned in search of its own supper.


  1. I love your seo shots. Still not seen any yet. No chance to get out this week, so your shots will get me through the week :)

  2. Very jealous of your owl shots. Still no Shorties in my area. Hoping this cold weather may bring them down from the moors.