Thursday, 9 October 2014

9 October 2014: Out and about, dodging rainshowers near Great Barrington, Gloucestershire.

Since coming back from holiday over a week ago, I have been doggedly stripping and repainting the garage doors, so no birding. Today, with still a coat of paint to apply, the weather was definitely going to be too variable to risk painting outdoors so I took a ride out this afternoon on a scouting mission. The objective was to check out a deer park for rutting activity and also to see if there was any sign of return of the Great Grey Shrike and Hen Harrier that had been in the area last winter - a bit early, but it was an excuse to get out(-:). On arrival at Great Barrington, the sun burst through and I was treated to the sight of half a dozen Red Kite majestically mastering the breeze and flying directly overhead, taking no notice of me and camera.

 Not so the local Kestrel, first sight and off.
 The Red Legged Partridge were a little unsure
 for a while and then decided to leg it!

 One of the male Pheasant also took off
 but I clearly posed no threat to this one(-:).
 Next I was treated to a first for me, a pair of Grey Partridge.

 On to the deer park and this fallow buck was relaxing.
 Another Kestrel feeding over the deer park
 with this buck doing a bit of calling, though nothing of interest ensued.
 Giant dragonfly over.
 Another relaxed looking buck - will check again in a few days.
 As I left the are, one last look yielded several distant Hare in one of the fields.
On to Hawling but it started to rain persistently, even these Buzzards were sick of it(-:).


  1. The range of birds you see is superb. Never seen partridges before.

    1. Thanks Darran, but I think I'm blessed with a nice mix of different habitats and the time to make the most of them.

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