Wednesday, 22 October 2014

22 October 2014: A grey and rainy afternoon at Upton Warren Nature Reserve, Worcestershire.

After a very disappointing visit from British Gas (don't ask) I had the afternoon at Upton Warren. It was grey and rained several times but I planned to visit the flashes as I hadn't been there on my last couple of visits. I had just loaded up with gear and set off to be told that the flashes were closed due to tree surgery work. So back in the car and along to the other side of the reserve. I opted for the East hide as I had been on the other side of the pools on previous visits. I was a bit worried that it would be too quiet as I met several groups of people who had just left the hide and indeed I wa sthe only person there when I arrived. At least I had best choice of seats(-:)
First bird to appear was the Magpie.

A little Egret spent the whole afternoon circling the lagoons, so coming into close view every half hour or so.

 Two Little Grebes on the shore, one swimming
 and a Shoveler getting in on the act
 A Common Snipe flew in
 and the Little Egret flew off for a while
 A drake Teal floating by
 as a Little Grebe swam under
Then the second visit by the female Kingfisher  - I missed the first visit while setting up, such is life.

 then off again
 onto one of the islands.
In flew a solitary Curlew

 and a Stock Dove popped in for a drink.
 The Little Egret popped by again, this time for a few greens t go with the Sushi he had on his first visit.
 The Kingfisher appeared outside the Water Rail hide opposite.
 Two Grey Wagtails on one of the islands.
 Anothe rvisit by the Little Egret

 Then there was the unmistakeable chatter of a Wren, just outside in the Brambles

 followed immediately by my final visit by the female Kingfisher, using a different perch this time

 and flying off to a different island.


  1. Fantastic shots Bob. I wish my images were as sharp as yours :(

    1. Thanks Darran, but you do have some very fine shots yourself. Hopefully there has been an increase in some of the quality but thats mainly down to the new lens.