Sunday, 19 October 2014

17 October 2014: Deer at Ashton Court, Bristol.

Having seen lots of pictures of deer on various Facebook groups, I decided to try and find some local Red Deer. I discovered that Ashton Court at Bristol has both a red and Fallow deer herd, so my wife and I set off early in the morning to investigate and, with a bit of luck, catch some real rutting. We arrived at the Red Deer enclosure and I was armed with the 500mm lens and discovered the deer quite close - so many of these shots are full frame not crops, as I was clearly overlensed(-:). First sight was this stag wandering off into the distance - had there already been a confrontation.
This was apparently the main man and he was surrounded by all of the hinds, most of whom were sitting.
This little guy approached the main and immediately retreated,
and yiou can see why!

One of the middle aged stags in the bachelor group, keeping an eye open for either trouble or an opportunity
but clearly no match for this guy.
Two of the young stags sparred for a while

Pointy bits getting very close to eyes but not a great lot of strength involved.
The big guy sees anotherstag getting too close for comfort
and charges out

and intimidates him away,
returns to his ladies
and bugles away.
Moving on, we came across the Fallow herd. Theyw ere further away than the Reds so the long lens was necessary this time. Again, though,  there was no real rutting
but a couple of the lesser bucks were practicing
In general though the whole herd was much more active than the Red Deer had been.

We were also treated to this Sparrowhawk being mobbed by a Magpie and a Crow

and an overfly by this Common Buzzard.

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