Monday, 20 October 2014

19 October 2014: Upton Warren Nature Reserve, Worcestershire.

My wife and I spent the afternoon vivting the National Trust proerty of Hanbury Hall in Worcestershire. When we had finished we called at Upton Warren, about a 1 minute drive, to spend an hour or so at one of the hides to finish the day off. Light was fading as evening set in but we managed to see a few birds but no Kingfisher treat for the good lady.
Little Egret

Blue Tit eating whatever it had collected from the feeder
Male Shoveler
Little Grebe
Juvenile Lesser Black Backed Gull
Female Pochard

Male Pochard
Black Headed Gull looking for space

Grey Heron, Cormorant and Little Egret
Common Gull nearest ys?
Mute Swans

Little Grebe
 Common Snipe

 Male Shoveler
 5 or 6 Common Snipe
 Cormorant heading off to roost
 Just as we were leaving we had one blast of setting sun(-:).

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