Tuesday, 21 October 2014

20 October 2014: Coombe Hill Meadows, my local patch.

I had a free afternoon and decided that as the weather was a bit iffy, it might be time to visit my local patch at Coombe Hill Meadows. This would be my first visit since the reopening of the hide after last winter's flooding - the patch was underwater for  much of the early part of this year and it was impossible for the hide to be rebuilt before the nesting season - hence the delay. First of was this rather handsome male Pheasant.

Once I had established myself in the hide and opened a few windows, I culdhear a constant slurping below - looking out I found this pair of Mute Swan cygnets feeding.

Their parents appeared to be on the far bank with the Wigeon.
The most activity all afternoon came from 3 Little Egrets which kept moving from pool to pool looking for food.

Sometimes they even got very close
Occasionally the Shoveler would move from pool to pool.

A flock of Canada Geese flew in
and one of the Egrets looked on
The Swans moved off rather gracefully.
Something, though  never found out what, drove the Canadas and Wigeon from the grass back onto the water.
I then noticed a group of Canada / Greylag hybrids who certainly had no time for the Canadas.

Another Egret
and some Greylags arrived
and shortly after the hybrids left together.
On the return to the car I caught this Mistle Thrush.
I also saw several Redwing but the light was going and against them so Ionly had a few silhouettes - next time perhaps(-:).

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