Wednesday, 1 October 2014

25 September 2014: a last hour or so at Cagliari lagoons, Sardinia.

Our last full day in Sardinia, but another hour or so was spent at the lagoons for my benefit. Yesterday we had a flock of Cattle Egret in with cattle. This morning they were on the edge of the lagoon and took to the air as soon as they saw us.

 A solitary Black Winged Stilt


 A Greenshank

 Just as we popped our heads over the next bank. we saw a fcouple of families of Black Necked Grebe. We had seen them before but they had always been distant. These, however, were very close to shore though as you can see thye started to move away quite quickly - another first for me.

 The Greenshank again
 this time flying past a Flamingo
This pair of Little Egret were walking about towards each other, standing tall and "talking" - presumably some form of bondin?

 More Greater Flamingo
 and the Greenshank back again
 A Hooded Crow scouring under the trees
 and a solitary Common Sandpiper (thanks for the ID Marianne).
 A small wader flying in - possible Little Stint.(thanks for the ID Marianne).

 More small waders on the divides between the lagoons - Ringed Plover and Dunlin?(thanks for the ID Marianne).

 One last flying Flamingo

 and one last Buzzard
before we hit town and put the camera away for this holiday.


  1. Great post, Bob. The Green Sandpiper is a Common IMHO (white wingbars but no white rump, and long dark tail). The first little wader looks like a Little Stint, but the groups of small waders do look like Dunlins with (probably) Ringed Plovers.

  2. Superb pictures as always Bob.
    Made me all the more eager for my next trip abroad. (shouldn't wish my life away but . . . )

  3. What a great location. I'm sure the wife would like to go there.

    1. Yes, I'm sure she would Darran. Great mix of culture, history and birding and beautiful beaches and bathing to relax with. Cheap Easyjet flights too.