Thursday, 27 November 2014

18 November 2014: Hunting the Shrike, Crabtree Hill, Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire

Another attempt to catch up with the Great Grey Shrike at Crabtree Hill in the Forest of Dean. A nice early start and firs one up the hill. There it was, still roosting and preening in a birch tree, but with the light behind it. Manged a few pictures of which this is the best and then all of a sudden it was off. and although I waited about for a while it never reappeared.

This robin arrived to try and cheer me up while I waited but no joy.
So off down into Parkend to look for Hawfinch. No Hawfinch but found this Mistle THrush feeding on Yew berries.

Then I spotted Redwing feeding on the same berries.

Mistle again

and more Redwing.
Overhead a Buzzard was escorted out of the are by a Corvid
At Parkend I also looked for Dipper but no sign in the usual places. Canop Ponds were quiet too, so back to Crabtree Hill just in case the Shrike had returned. No sign ofthe Shrike but a nice pair of Stonechat put on a show

and then it appeared and provided me with some excellent photo opportunities.

After about 15 minutes of hunting etc, it disappeared again and I left for home.


  1. Wow. You are one lucker birder bob. Curse having to work all the time :(

    1. Cheers Darran, my working years paid for this(-:). I can;t argue about how lucky I am though.