Wednesday, 26 November 2014

11 November 2014: a visit to Slimbridge WWT, Gloucestershire.

An afternoon at Slimbridge and first stop at hight tide was the Holden Tower. The Golden Plover are a treat when they get up - approx 1500 at least.

Lapwing and a Starling
One of the reasons for minor panic - a patrolling Marsh Harrier.
As the tide started to recede we had some Little Stints arrive to feed.
Once again the marsh Harrier cruised by

and up went the Lapwing
A super looking Jackdaw parked right outside the hide.
Another culprit for the wariness of the wadrers - a Peregrine on a log on the river bank.
Golden Plover up again

Shelduck moveing downstream
The light has changed slightly and we now get a much more Golden Plover.

Moving on from the Holden Tower to the hides overlooking the Tack Piece
One of the Bewick's Swans that have arrived for the winter.
Pair of Shelduck from the Rushy hide
and a Drake Pintail
On to the Zeiss hide - lapwing and Black Tailed Godwit.
Among the Common Teal we had a Green Winged Teal pointed out to us

Up went the Shoveler
and through came the Marsh Harrier
and up went the Teal.
Down in the reedbed was a wee Chiffchaff
and a male Stonechat.
Teal up again
and more Stonechat posing

Naturally the Harrier came back through offering some really fine views

Mute Swan
Harrier and Kestre
Back round to the Tack Piece hides and in come some Bewick's Swans.

and Pintail
Another enjoyable day in some good light to enjoy the photography.

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