Thursday, 27 November 2014

12 November 2014: Birding from the car in the Cotswolds

Not the most settled weather so I set off for a drive round a few sites in the Cotswolds to see what was about - mainly to see if the Great Grey Shrike and Hen Harrier ha dreturned to one of the areas they had been seen in last year. First pullover was at Sherborne on the river Windrush, where there is a small river meadow reserve. There rver is about 80 metres away which is a bit of a challenge photographically, but you can wat least watch from the rodside with unrestricted views without really disturbing anything.quite distant. Firstly a Grey Heron flew across the river.

Then I caught  theunmistable flash of a Kingfisher. It was actually good to watch it from thios distance as it wasn't disturbed and kept fishing from various spots - very entertaining.

A flock of Wigeon fed and dozed on the riverbank
and a Greater Spotted Woodpecker passed through
The Kingfisher continued to move about from position to position, toatally unaware thatit was being watched.

Moving on from there I spotted this Buzzard sat in a field I carefully parked up and went back but it took off

Another Buzzard in the distance looked on.

On toiwards Great Barrington, into Red Kite territory.

though still with Buzzard about, either soaring
or resting in the trees.
or siaring

No sign though of the Hen Harrier or the Shrike so on again to Hawling to find a flock of Linnet in the fields.

Yellowhammer in the late afternoon sun
as well as this female Chaffinch

Also Dunnock.
On a distant hedge a Kestrel settles.

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