Thursday, 27 November 2014

14 November 2014: Coombe Hill Meadows Reserve, Gloucestershire.

An afternoon on my local patch when the sun burst through after 2 days heavy rain. Very wet underfoot and the boardwalk to the hide was flooded by about 6 inches - they really should have raised it when they raised the new hide.
Greenfinch in the hedgerow on the wlak along - lots of Fieldfare and redwing but they kept the sun behind them(-:).
From the hide there lots of Geese and Ducks out on the lagoons which were a lot larger than normal due to th amount of rain.
Greylag and Wigeon


Wigeon or Space Invaders.
A Chiffchaff
On the walk back a chance to catch the Fieldfare with the light  behind nme for a change as the sun began to set.

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