Sunday, 27 July 2014

23 July 2014: Evening in North Gloucestershire.

In the evening I set off for an area near in North Gloucestershire to see whether the Barn Owls would come out before it got too dark and got there about 19:00. I wasn't too hopeful as the weather had been good over the last few days so they should have had no problems feeding overnight. As I arrived and parked up , the first bird I met was a Chiffchaff in the Hawthorn bush beside the layby.

At the first sight of an Owl on the barn I was quite hopeful thta I might get an early dispaly, until I realised it was a Red Legged Partridge.
 I took a walk down the lane while I waited and found a Yellowhammer basking in the evening sun.
 There was a Hare skulking in one side of a field
with a rabbit on the other side.
 On the other side of the road were these 3 Roe deer, quietly munching away.
 As I made my way back towards the Owls, another Yellowhammer appeared.
 and another Chiffchaff

 It was starting to get gloomy now, 20:40, but it was possible to make out the 3 owlets, who were starting to move about the barn.
 Eventually at about 20:50, a pair of adults appeared and flew around together for a while before starting to hunt..

Unfortunately it was now getting too dark for photography so I watched a while longer before leaving for home.


  1. I've shared your pain on several occasions. Waited for Barn Owls only for them to appear just when the light got too poor. Eventually got some shots I was happy with by going early morning so that the light was gradually improving instead of worsening.

  2. Lovely entry Bob. Never seen Barn Owls in the wild myself.

  3. Takes me a while but do catch up with you eventually B_r_n ... Lovely to see what Barn Owls look like other than what I currently observe in box & barn at Arne & Cornwall on live cams, a great species to follow!

  4. Bob what a lovely evening stroll seeing such a range of species. I've yet to spot any Owl hunting, but if I knew where to look I'd try Galatas' advice about being there as the light improves.