Tuesday, 22 July 2014

21 July 2014: An hours or so on the local patch

I took an hour or so t myself and had a wander down the local patch, Coombe Hill Meadows. Walking along the canal bank the first thing I met was this Emperor Dragonfly, who posed very nicely.
 There were quite a few Lapwing in the adjoining field - a pair flying over and one that looks like a juvenile.
 Common Whitethroat appeared to be everywhere, but very elusive.
I caught this Reed Bunting mid flight but am not really sure whether its a juvenile or a female.
Juvenile Blackcap 
 A real treat, a very confiding Lesser Whitethroat

 Sedge Warbler

 A Wood pigeon flying by
 A Male Broad Bodied Chaser

and a pair

Next to mo action on the scrapes although the viws are extremely limited because of the high vegetation and the fact that the partially rebuilt hide is obstructing the view from the raised path that was being used as a viewing platform.


  1. A really nice set. ss you said Bob, Lesser Whitethroat is a real treat - i've got video because of the greater (40x) zoom of the video camera but can never get one in camera range - well done!

  2. Could be wrong but I think your male Broad-bodied Chaser is a Black-tailed Skimmer.
    Nice productive local patch you've got.