Tuesday, 6 January 2015

6 January 2015: Short Eared Owls in the Cotswolds.

As a very grey morning faded away and the sun burst through, I dashed to Hawling to see if the Short Eared Owls would come out into the light. Got there about 1pm but already the sky had gone grey and the wind had turned cold. The direction that the wind was now coming from suggetsed it might be another long wait for any Owls to show. Just after we arrived at about 1300 we did get a Common Buzzard fly over.
 After that, we had not a sausage, as they say, until 1535 when the first Owl showed. Forynately by then we had a reasonably clear sky and a lovely setting sun to give some nice colour. So we had 30 minutes of fun before it got too dark(-:).

 A male Stonechat suddenly appeared close by.

 This Owl was clearly very popular with the local corvids - presumably they wanted it's autograph(-:).


  1. Cracking set Bob.
    Still no Shorties up this end of the country. Send a few up north please :-)

  2. Can't spare them, we've only got 6(-:). I heard reports of some at Lunt Meadows - is that too far?